Students at HIS

Student life at HIS is always busy. Students arrive on campus ready for the school day to begin at 8.00am. Classes finish at 3.00pm when extra-curricular activities, sports practices and rehearsals begin. Even after our school buses exit the gates, the campus remains lively most days until late afternoon, with students and teachers actively engaged in a wide variety of sports and club activities. In addition to programs offered by external organizations that include gymnastics, soccer, tennis, basketball and swimming, there are popular teacher-sponsored activities and a wide variety of student clubs active across the school.

We are dedicated to support student achievement in all areas of the educational experience at HIS. With average class sizes across the school of around 20, our community benefits from a very positive student-centered learning environment.

HIS students genuinely feel connected to their school and their teachers. Whether we are in our classrooms or on the sports field, we take pride in our uniform and value its role in showing who we are and what we represent.

Our talented and diverse international faculty is passionate and dedicated. Students and teachers work closely together, creating a very positive and supportive learning environment. Together we ensure HIS is a friendly place where students and teachers not only learn and grow, but also feel at home.

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