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Hotep International School is an International school located in the area of Amounhotep, Egypt. Our school offers a rigorous, rich, and diverse educational experience for children in grades K-12. We are focused on high student achievement in a safe and orderly environment.

Hotep International School is committed to the intellectual and personal development of our students, inspiring and empowering them to become positive, active global citizens. This is our mission that we strive daily to achieve in every aspect of the school.

Hotep International School impressive physical plant provides a backdrop for student learning of the highest caliber. Technology, music, art, physical education, theater, library, classroom and common spaces all communicate a message that learning is the core purpose and highly valued at HIS. The diversity of our students provides limitless opportunities to foster international mindedness and cross-cultural understanding. This vibrant community focuses on learning. Learning at HIS extends within and beyond the walls of the school and is creative, innovative, authentic, collaborative, data-informed, technology-infused, and fun. Our teachers are exceptional educators who place understandings about learning consistently at the center of planning and instruction and who inspire students to the highest expectations.

Whether you are a student, parent, or staff member, you are a member of the HIS community. Our values of respect, honesty, compassion and responsibility guide our actions and promote a culture of inclusiveness and engagement. It is our dream to educate the finest global leaders of tomorrow. We welcome you to HIS!


Students and faculty have a range of facilities at the present campus. Swimming pools, playgrounds and sports fields reflect the school's commitment to meeting all the students' needs. HIS is located on a modern campus in Amounhotep district.

HIS offers internet ready classrooms equipped with interactive boards, LCDs, whiteboards, wireless access, a library, a computer lab, music room, science laboratories, swimming pool, a gymnasium, practice field and outdoor playground areas.

Accreditation & Memberships

HIS has applied to be accredited by the AIAA .


Orientation for all new professional staff is held during the two month before school starts. The exact dates depends on the school calendar. Location The school is located on what was recently considered the "outskirts" of the city of El Salam on what is known as Amounhotep. However, the rapid expansion of the city has placed us closer and closer to the city center.

The School Building

The school itself is comprised of the following:

  • 56 classrooms
  • 2 Learning Centers a large gymnasium equipped with change rooms
  • a large library.
  • a junior computer lab
  • a primary computer lab
  • 6 storage rooms
  • a health room
  • a junior teacher workroom
  • a primary teacher workroom
  • a resource room The entire school is networked and has high-speed Internet access.

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