Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the HIS site! As you spend more time on our site and interact with our staff, faculty and students, I am certain you will discover why HIS is one of the most exceptional international schools in Egypt. You need not take our word for it, as actions speak louder than words.

These first few years of HIS will always be memorable for the enthusiasm and dedication of all those involved. We are so proud of every milestone the children achieve.

With an emphasis on the fundamentals, we are forming sound educational principles and creatively shaping a small community for students, parents and teachers.

Our mission is to to prepare students to be effective partners in the society through a challenging American program, keeping their identity and accepting others diversity.

Reason and dedicated effort are our tools in achieving our goals.

HIS offers a learner-centered, American curriculum modified for the needs of our diverse students and parent population.

Through HIS educational program all students are involved no student is left behind. That gives a well-rounded intellectual and personal formation to our students. In pursuing the development of sensibility and growth in virtue the students will find their lives permanently enriched.

That is the great task of education which we humbly propose at HIS, and that is the task in which we invite you to collaborate.

School Description

HIS  is comprised of 3 divisions – Elementary School (from Preschool through Grade 6), Middle School (Grades 7-9), and High School (Grades 10-12).

Our instructional approach focuses on the respectful student-teacher relationships that characterize American education. Our curriculum is broad enough to suit the needs of our diverse population. HIS believes in service to the community.

HIS believes in self-renewal and searching out best practices so that our students may participate in a rich, educational experience. Our students, in turn, are active, intelligent and creative learners. These positive attitudes unite us across all levels .

We have ambitious programs in English, the Arts, Education and Society to create opportunities for young people to develop new skills, become better qualified, introduce an international dimension to their learning or profession, and develop a better understanding of other cultures.

We invite and encourage parents to use our website to stay well informed about the activities and learning experiences.

Enjoy learning more about HIS through this website, and then feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. Better still, come by for a visit. When you see for yourself our excellent campus and experience the family atmosphere for which HIS is well known.

HIS leads its international learning community through excellent teachers and a range of academic and extra-curricular choices. In a safe and welcoming environment, our educationally and culturally diverse students and staff strive for excellence and achieve their potential.

This website is a key tool to help us to engage with you.

We hope you enjoy it.

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