Elementary School (1-5)

These are the years of dynamic growth when creativity is nurtured and exploration encouraged. It is a time when learning takes place at a fast pace, as our children become increasingly aware of the world around them, of the importance of friends and of the unique opportunities for learning and recreation Here you’ll find information on how to make the move to elementary school as smooth as possible.

The first years are an exciting and engaging time for your child. Building positive relationships and experiences in the early years is important to long-term development, learning and wellbeing.

The more you can help your child to become familiar with the layout of the school and what they need to do before day one, the less overwhelmed they are likely to feel.

Transition from KG to Elementary

HIS is keen to make this transition as stress free as possible for you and your child through its well-educated and professional staff.

Students are under supervision all day round. You will find inside each class a home class teacher together with a co- teacher ready to help until grade 3.

From grade 4 a co-teacher is there in the class all day round to monitor the students work and assist.

The friendly atmosphere together with the various activities and projects , which your kid will be taught how to share in, helps him/her passes this phase smoothly.

Elementary curriculum

At HIS, the elementary students receive knowledge and skills in various subject areas such as: English, Math, Science, Arabic, Art, Music, P.E, Computer, Library, French, German, Social Studies and Religion.

We work according to the common core state standards in ELA and Math, the next generation for science and the social studies is customized. As for the Arabic and religion we deliver the governmental course but from our concept which is based on analyzing and critical thinking.

As for the French and German, your kid is free to choose.

For more information about the curriculum you can check CCSS and NGSS according to the grade level

Elementary students are required to take the following subjects:

  • Art & Design
  • Humanities (SSE)
  • Physical Education(PE)
  • English
  • German / French
  • Mathematics (integrated approach to algebra and geometry)
  • Music
  • Computer
  • Science
  • Arabic
  • Religion
  • Social studies Arabic(from grade 4)

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