Online admission

Hotep International school is glad to and proudly announce the launch of Online Admission for students in Egypt and the ones locked outside right now.


Online admission process:

• Step #1: Click on the following link and fill an application:



• Step #2: Send to


a scanned copy of the following:

1. Birth certificate

2. Parents’ ID or Passport


• Step #3: Admission Office will contact you to answer any inquiries.


• Step #4:   An e-mail will be sent notifying you of the bank account number.


• Step #5:

•  Payments: Deposit assessment fees at any National Bank of Egypt by ATM or at any branch.


• Step #6:  Send scanned payment receipt to:



• Step #7: An email will be sent regarding the assessment date, time, application used ( school’s LMS for grades and Zoom for KG) and needed codes after paying the application fees.


• Step #8: Students will administer the exam.


• Step #9:


   *Step#9.1:  Parents will be notified with the student’s examination result and any further financial procedures via email.


    *Step#9.2: Students will have an interview via Zoom with school psychologist after the exam.


     *Step#9.3: KG parents will have an interview with KG principal via zoom.


     *Step#9.4:  Parents will have an interview with school principal via zoom.



•Step#10: Students will go through another in campus exam after the lockdown.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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